Newsdesk - CONCACAF Fights Match-Fixing; MLS Signs Kraft Deal

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CONCACAF Launches Match-Fixing Protocol

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A new educational program from CONCACAF is aimed at curbing match manipulation.

Title “Protect Yourself and Keep Your Sport Clean,” the program debuted at the CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 World Championship in the Cayman Islands this year.

The eight participating nations, along with officials, were given guidance and resources to avoid match-fixing in their countries.

“Match manipulation is a global scourge that we at CONCACAF take very seriously and are fighting aggressively,” said CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb in a release. “Under the weight of initiatives such as this one, we are convinced that match-fixers will now think twice before interfering in the game we all love - or else, they will face the consequences.”

The program is oriented toward preventing instances of match-fixing and will be incorporated into team arrival meetings before CONCACAF championships moving forward.

“Every players and every officials that is part of the football family has the responsibility to help keep football clean from any negative impact,” said Dr. Laila Mintas, CONCACAF’s director of sports integrity. “The goal of this initiative is to enlist our players, coaches, and officials as allies in the fight against illicit activities.”

MLS Adds Kraft Sponsorship

MLS opens its season this month. (Getty Images)
Major League Soccer last week announced a partnership with Capri Sun and Kraft Foods.

Capri Sun becomes the official juice drink of MLS, while Kraft brands Kool-Aid, Country Time Lemonade, and Tang will give MLS an in-store boost.

Capri Sun will also feature MLS players on its packaging during the late summer “back to school” period. The ongoing Capri Sun Kids vs. Pros campaign will utilize MLS players as well.

“Soccer is the first sport that many of us play as kids, and the sport teaches us the importance of teamwork, being active, and pushing your own physical boundaries,” said Kraft Foods executive Greg Guidotti, who called the partnership a “natural fit.”

“MLS’ grassroots extensions have become an important component to the growth of the league and Kraft Beverages has elected to take a leadership position within that ever-growing space,” said MLS senior vice president of global sponsorship David Wright in a release.

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