FIFA Congress Roundup - Kissinger, Cruyff for Watchdog; Jordaan's Expectations for Reforms

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Sepp Blatter is congratulated by officials from the "football family" after being re-elected (WFI/M.Bisson)
(WFI) Sepp Blatter has invited former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff to aid his quest to sort out the corruption problems that are plaguing his beleaguered organisation.

Kissinger, an ambassador for the USA's failed 2022 World Cup bid, and the 1974 World Cup star are to help advise FIFA's new corporate governance and compliance body.

Blatter branded the watchdog "the solution committee".

Delegates at the FIFA Congress approved Blatter's proposal to set up the body, which will be made up of football officials and non-football personalities. According to FIFA, the committee "will have the duty to investigate and suggest solutions to the problems they identify".

Blatter said that if required an extraordinary congress would be convened to review the findings of this committee and help repair FIFA’s credibility.

Danny Jordaan on Blatter's challenges
South Africa World Cup 2010 CEO Danny Jordaan says there is great expectation from the 208 football associations for the reforms that Blatter has said he will implement in his final term in office.

Following the massive backing for Blatter and his proposals for better governance in the presidential vote - 186 votes, with just 17 abstentions - Jordaan said FIFA had the institutional structure in place "to deal with any and every matter - and there is a lot of expectation".

"We are very happy. I think coming from where we
Jordaan says he's "happy" with Blatter's "bold" proposals for change (WFI)
have come from, if these proposals are implemented I think there is a bright future for FIFA," he told reporters after Blatter's re-election as head of world football's governing body.

"If you look at the financial report it indicates FIFA is in the best financial position in its history.

"So internally, operationally FIFA is probably in a very, very good position. It is the relationship between FIFA and external or third parties that must be looked at and there is a question of governance.

"We are very happy with the bold steps that h [Blatter] has taken."

"We should now go on and deal with the challenges of football moving forward."

Woman for FIFA Ex-Co?
Blatter plans to co-opt a woman to sit on the FIFA Executive Committee for the first time.

The Swiss previously suggested the plan in his election manifesto.

"Would you agree that I find a solution to co-opt a woman [onto the Ex-Co], would you second that?," he asked delegates at the congress.

There was a muted response.

Hungary next stop for FIFA Congress
The 2012 FIFA Congress takes place in Budapest from May 24-25. Mauritius hosts the following edition, which is scheduled for May 30-31.

By INSIDER editor Mark Bisson

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