Platini Set to Make Clear UEFA's FIFA Presidential Intentions

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Platini at today's UEFA Champions League trophy handover with London mayor Boris Johnson (J.Corbett/WFI)
(WFI) UEFA President Michel Platini says that he will make clear his organisation’s intentions regarding the race between Sepp Blatter and Mohamed Bin Hammam for the FIFA presidency within the next two weeks.

Platini, who served as one of Blatter’s key aides before becoming UEFA president in 2007, and many expect him to support the Swiss in what he has promised will be his last term of office. The former France international is seen as a likely candidate in the 2015 FIFA presidential elections.

Speaking to reporters at London’s Guildhall today Platini was noncommittal about his intentions, at first joking that he would support one of the assembled journalists.

“I will make a statement at the beginning of May about the position of UEFA,” he said.

Asked about Sepp Blatter’s pledge earlier today to give $1billion to member associations over the next four years, Platini seemed nonplussed, saying that it was FIFA’s job to invest money in football development.

“I know that there is a lot of money invested from 1998 [when Blatter became president] because the TV rights are very important,” he said.

“It is the job of FIFA and UEFA to invest a lot of money in the development of football in Europe and all over the World. It is the job of UEFA and FIFA to develop football in all of the countries.”

Platini apologises for ticket fiasco
Platini was in London at the handover of
Luis Figo was uncommitted when asked for his verdict on next week's classico.
the Champions League trophy from representatives of holders Inter Milan to London mayor Boris Johnson ahead of next month’s final at Wembley.

The UEFA president apologised after high ticket prices caused outrage among supporters. The cheapest prices for the final will be £150, with a £26 handling fee.

“It was a mistake," he admitted. "It was not good, but it is not easy to deflate the ticket prices because we have received 200,000 requests for tickets.

“In future we perhaps need to have another category for family tickets.

“It is not easy, it was not a good communication and I apologise for that.”

Platini would make no predictions ahead of the final, with Real Madrid and Barcelona, Plus Manchester United and Schalke meeting in semi finals next week.

“It will be tough but we will have two great teams and great players who will make the difference,” he said.

Asked about next weeks classico, Luis Figo – who appeared as an ambassador for Inter Milan, but who played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid – was similarly non-commital.

“I just hope the best team wins,” he said. “My heart now is with Inter so I don’t care so much.”

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